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Create a Distraction

Interrupt by: diverting the conversation, start a group activity, make your presence known.

Ask Directly

Speak to the person who may be in trouble. Do you need me to stay with you? Do you need any help?

Refer to an Authority

Go get security, a teacher, an employee, or anyone in authority and alert them to the situation. If necessary call 911.

Enlist Others

You don't have to intervene alone. There is strength in numbers. Or have a friend of the individual in distress intervene instead.

How do I respond to a friend who has been sexually assaulted?

First start by believing them!

Listen. Respond without judging.

Offer to be there if they go for a medical exam.

Encourage them to talk to a professional counselor.

Help them set goals for self-care.

Be patient and allow them time to grieve.

Watch for changes in behavior that could be harmful.

Help them search for resources.

(, 2017)

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