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Cama Suess

Victim Advocate


Walk Ins

7001 E. 163rd Street

Belton, MO 64012

Victim Service Unit

Elizabeth Crow

Victim Advocate


Services that are provided 

Advocacy :  

  • Assist victims and witnesses through the criminal justice systems.

  • Keep victims aware of case status.

  • Provide information on police procedures

  • Provide information on court procedures. 

  • Keeping victims aware of court dates


  • We refer victims to the appropriate agencies or organizations to best meet their needs. 

Emergency Help:

  • Where there has been physical injury or financial loss, victims may need help of a different type. We can attempt to assist the victim in locating food, shelter, medical treatment, replacement of lost papers, or filing state victim compensation forms. 

Crime Prevention:

  • Practical advice and information about crime prevention techniques is also available.

Unit's Purpose and Goal

To provide services to crime victims and their families. To assist them with the problems resulting from their victimization. 

After a crime occurs, it is common for the victims to feel traumatized and frightened. Often people are uncertain how to restore their lives and wonder if their feelings and concerns are "normal". 

This unit can help you  by offering emotional support , emergency assistance, as well as referrals to the proper service agencies. 

How Can I give back to the community? 

Volunteers Wanted 

Donating Kits / Bags

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