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Healthy Relationships...

How to have a HEALTHY Relationship

  • Both of you are on the same page on your relationship. How fast you want it to go, how committed you are, and the type of realistic relationship you are wanting.

  • You Respect each other. This goes in what activities you want to do , your appearances, your interest, thoughts and feelings. You don’t always have to agree or want the same thing. Just respect the others choices and opinions. Even if it doesn’t mirror yours.

  • Resolve disagreements with love and respect. It is natural for people to disagree. It is important on how you reach an agreement. Try to do this with a good attitude.

  • You both have a life outside of the relationship. Don’t lose you. Keep up with friends, families, and the activities you enjoyed.

  • Having a trust is big. Make sure that you trust each other. That you can discuss the good, bad, and ugly with each other without an repercussions. No hidden agendas or secrets. This is also shown, by not invading their privacy.

  • You encourage each other in your own personal lives. You inspire each other to be better.

  • Enjoy doing things together.

The Unhealthy Relationship      

  • Here are some examples of what an unhealthy relationship could look like. Again these are just examples. You could be or know someone who is experiencing some or all of the following. It might not be exactly what’s on this list but some form of it. It also might not be extremely noticeable at first. A good rule of thumb is if it is making you scared or uncomfortable, it is not healthy for you.

  • They have lack of respect for you. They can show this by putting you down, making you feel like you are crazy, or making negative remarks about what you where, how you look, how you talk, what you like.

  • They have lack of respect for your personal space. This can look like they are constantly “popping” to see you, looking through your personal belongings, going through your social media and electronics, checking your call logs, or calling, texting, or messaging all of the time.

  • They almost always make the decision. What activities you are going to do, where you are going, what you’re going to eat. Their moods swings are frequent and can be fierce. Lying or over exaggerating, overreacting to the small things, frequent outburst, and making you feel like their behavior is your fault. Gestures are over the top. Telling you it’s my way or the highway.

  • They might also try to sabotage positive things that are happening to you. Work promotions, grades, positions on teams and or other activities. You go along with something even if you don’t feel that it is right.

  • Telling you, if you loved me you would or would not do something. They might start separating you from you friends and loved ones. They do this by wanting you to spend any available time you have with them. Or they discourage you spending time with friends and loved ones. Makes you feel guilty if you do. They are jealous most of the time of you relationships and time.

  • Making you afraid.





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