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Consent is the act of giving permission or approval. 



Consent doesn't have to be verbal but must be a clear communication and given without coercion. It may be retracted at any time.

Force can come in many forms: physical restraint or when the victim is incapacitated. It can also be emotional coercion, manipulation, or intimidation.

(, 2017)

NO means NO

"Stop" means NO

Turning away means NO

"I don't want to" means NO

Shoving you away means NO

"Leave me alone" means NO

Passed out means NO

"I'm not ready" means NO

Pushing you away means NO

"I don't feel like it" means NO

Drunk or drugged means NO

"Get away from me" means NO

Screaming means NO

"Don't" means NO

Crying means NO


YES means only

one thing:


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