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I will call a domestic violence program and get help making my plans. The hotline number for the nearest program is                                                               .


I will leave money and an extra set of keys with                                                                                           so I can leave quickly.


I will keep copies of important documents and keys with                                                                           so I can leave quickly.


I will leave extra clothes with                                                                                                                            .


I will keep important numbers and change for phone calls with me at all times. I know that my partner can learn who I’ve been talking to by looking at phone bills, so I can see if friends will let me use their phones and/or their phone cards.


I will ask                                                                 and                                                                         to see who would be able to let me stay with them or lend me some money.


I can increase my independence by opening a bank account and getting credit cards in my own name; by taking classes or getting job skills; by getting copies of all the important papers and documents I might need and keeping them with                                                                                       .


I can rehearse my escape plan and, if appropriate, practice it with my children.

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