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So what is Sexual Violence?

Sexual violence is any sexual contact without consent. This includes: fondling, molestation, oral sex, incest, or rape. There are also forms of sexual violence that don't involve touch: introduction to pornography, lewd telephone calls, voyeurism, or exhibitionism.

  • Incest is any sexual contact between relatives.

  • Molestation is sexual acts done to children younger than 18. It can include: touching and exposure of private parts, taking pornographic pictures, sexual acts with the molester or other children, but does not result in rape. It may occur just once or repeatedly.

  • Rape is penetration of the vagina or penis by a body part or object without the victim's consent.

  • Exhibitionism is publicly displaying one's genitals. And voyeurism is sexual pleasure from watching others when they are naked or engaged in sexual activity.

Often the terms sexual violence and sexual assault are used interchangeably.

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