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After I leave


I can change the locks on my doors and windows.


I can replace wooden doors with metal ones.


I can install security systems, including additional locks, window bars, poles to wedge against doors, etc.


I can buy rope ladders to be used for escape from second-floor windows.


I can install smoke detectors and put fire extinguishers on each floor in my home.


I will teach my children how to use the phone to make a collect call to me if they are concerned about their safety.


I can tell people who take care of my children which people have permission to pick them up and make sure they know how to recognize those people.


I will give the people who take care of my children copies of custody and protection orders, as well as emergency numbers.

At work and in public


I can inform my boss, the security supervisor and the employee assistance program, if available, about my situation. The number for the EAP office is                                                                                            .


I can ask                                                                               to screen my calls at work.


When leaving work, I can                                                                                                                                            .


If there’s trouble when traveling to and from work, I can                                                                                        .


I can change my patterns –

avoid stores, banks, doctor’s appointments, self-service laundries and                                                                                                , places where my partner might find me.


I can tell                                                                                and                                                                        that I am no longer with my partner and ask them to call the police if they believe my children and I are in danger.

With an order of protection


I will keep my protection order                                                                                                 .

(Always keep it on or near your person.)


I will give copies of my protection order to the local police or sheriff and departments in towns where I visit with friends and family.


I will give copies to my employer, my religious advisor, my closest friend, my children’s school and day-care center and                                                                                         .


If my partner destroys my order or if I lose it, I can get another copy from the court that issued it.


If my partner violates the order, I can call the police and report a violation, contact my attorney, call my domestic violence program advocate, and /or advise the court of the violation.


I can call a domestic violence program if I have questions about how to enforce an  order or if I have problems getting it enforced.

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